May 16, 2018

Wedding Wednesday – 9 years – Cincinnati Wedding Photographer

Today marks 9 years married and 11 years together.

I spent the last ten minutes going through my Facebook memories from today over the past years. I’ve said a lot of nice things about today but I still feel like the words are never enough.
It’s not enough to say he’s my best friend – he understands me when no one else does, laughs with me when I’m happy, grieves with me when I’m sad, and is always there when I need someone, even if it’s just listen (he’s continuously teaching me to be more patient, say sorry, laugh more, and that everything doesn’t have to be perfect all the time 🙂
It’s not enough to say he supports me – he said “Go for it! I believe in you!” when I wanted to quit my job 9 years ago and become a photographer (a job I literally knew nothing about ???? #rookiemistake) all because it made me happy. He continues to say “Go for it!” when the need to hop a plane and plant my feet somewhere foreign for a few days is too great to handle because he knows it fills my soul. He rolled his eyes when I said, “Let’s buy this really old house and renovate!” but bought the house, has renovated it with me the last 7 years, and we’ve managed not to kill each other.
It’s not enough to say he’s a great daddy – he works nights most nights #policelife, and he still gets up early to do things around the house, or help me with the kids when I need a few quiet hours to work. He coaches sports teams, cuddles them at bedtime, gives them advice, and shows up to every single school event that he possibly can, even if it’s on his way to work and he has to show up in his uniform (something he hates to do).
It’s not enough to say that it hasn’t been without it’s hardships – Marriage is hard. See aforementioned house renovation comment above 🙂 But even through his stubbornness, he finds a way to always remind me why I married him without taking too long to do so.
It’s not enough to say that 11 years ago, I was young, 21 years old, saying “Yes!!” to my boyfriend down on one knee after just 10 months of dating, and I never knew how much all of these things would mean to me. I just didn’t know. I’m stubborn, strong-willed, ambitious, type A, bossy, and just plain hard to live with sometimes, and he loves me in spite of all of that.
It’s not enough to say that I’ll never get sick of saying “Happy Anniversary” to you, Jason, because it means I got to spend another year with you. Happy Anniversary, love.
Photo cred: Amanda Donaho Photography

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