With a mix of photojournalism and editorial styles, I'll provide you with wedding imagery that is not only timeless, graceful, and genuine, but also gives you memories of a day so special in your heart that years from now, when looking back on them, they still give you the same rush of emotions you felt on your wedding day.

Creating meaningful and honest imagery begins with your unique story - every wedding is different, so all offerings are crafted to reflect just that.  You can expect ample coverage, custom-tailored timeline planning, and a second photographer, as well as options for an engagement session, albums, additional event coverage, or detailed travel plans if you're planning an elopement or destination wedding. 

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Close your eyes and imagine that you're at the end of your wedding day.  You're blissfully tired, arms comfortably wrapped around your new spouse, and fresh memories of your day filter in and out in a loving blur.  What is it that you want to remember? What is most important to you? How do you want to feel in that moment?

I believe every love story is special, and your's deserves to be told intentionally and exceptionally as well. Being your wedding photographer is more than showing up with my camera - it's crafting images that stir rich memories that go far beneath the surface.  It's cultivating an experience that allows you to fully enjoy your wedding day as it is, so that your images are more about your day's moments and how you feel, and less about perfectly scripted shots.  It's walking you through the entire process from start to finish and encouraging you to be as authentic to your relationship as possible. 

The memories that matter the most are always the ones that weren't planned.  They weren't found on a Pinterest board and are rarely the ones we expected them to be. Placing your trust in me will allow you to embrace your day, cry happy tears, laugh until your sides hurt, and dance until the very last song.

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