December 31, 2015

New Year’s Goals (Not Resolutions) | Cincinnati Wedding Photographer

Happy New Year’s Eve! I can’t believe 2016 snuck up on us so fast.  It’s so cliche when people say, “Where did the time go?” but it’s said for a reason. Last year came and went in a blink of an eye, and I’m left wondering what did I accomplish? The new year always poses these questions, not just for me, but for everyone.  What did I accomplish, what am I going to accomplish in the new year, how can I be better, etc.  Most people call these resolutions, but that seems so final.  We have a predisposition to change, it’s inevitable, so I don’t like to create these ideas that are concrete.  Goals are more adaptable to change, and to be completely honest, it just sounds more optimistic.


As I mentioned, I started writing this post wondering what did I accomplish in 2015. I was really blessed in 2015.  Not just in my business, but in my life too.  So what exactly did 2015 bring for me? I made a list (because, you know, I love lists):


1.) I had my last baby in January.  Liam has been the sweetest, funniest, and craziest little handful of a baby, and I’m trying to cherish every second.  He’s the last for us.  It’s been a whirlwind of a year, and if you follow my Instagram and Facebook, you know he was in the NICU earlier this year during the scariest time in our lives. Blessed does not even begin to cover how we felt the day we went home.


2.) I shot 20 weddings, and every single one was perfection.  My couples, every single one of you, are the reason my 2015 wedding season was great.


3.) I learned how to make truffles, and then gained 10 lbs eating them for every single holiday.  Oy…yolo.


4.) Jason and I booked our very first European vacation (here we come Italy!) for 2016.  This was a big accomplishment for us and after realizing that the goal wasn’t as hard to attain as we thought if we just save the right pennies, it’s something we’ve decided to make happen every year.  It’s looking like Ireland or Greece for 2017…we’ll keep you posted 🙂


5.) Last but not least, I learned humility this year.  I stopped trying in my business (lazy is the word), expecting the work to just show up on my doorstep, and I feel like such a jerk for feeling that way.  Running a business is hard, butt-busting work.  I’ll never, ever take it for granted again.


My goals for 2016 aren’t much different.  I want to continue to strive to live intentionally and to be better at being a mom and in my career, really connect with my couples, travel much, much more (I have two destination weddings already lined up for 2016! I’m beyond excited), and make more time for my little family.   There’s the regular stuff like continue to exercise and eat right, but lets face it, that’s a struggle on the regular 🙂


Rather than create set goals just for 2016, I wanted it to be little more broad, a little more adaptable to change, and a little more optimistic. A few years ago, a fellow photographer friend of mine (hey there, Lane!) created something called the “101 in 1001” list and I loved the idea so much, that I created my own.  The concept is simple:  Create a list of 101 things you’d like to accomplish in 1001 days, and because you’ve made the conscious effort to put those ideas to paper, you’re more likely to accomplish them.  Just mark them off the list as they happen! I created my list a few years ago, and since then have accomplished quite a few, so I’ve updated my list at this link:


My 101 in 1001 list


I can’t wait to see what 2016 brings for my life and business!! Cheers to you and yours, and all the future goals you’ll accomplish too! XO

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