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soulful. sophisticated. sincere.

Cincinnati & Worldwide Since 2009

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More about Kaleigh

It's the journey, the love stories, the life, my camera has seen.  This is why I love photography. We're always just a few seconds ahead of reality, never able to live a moment again once it's gone, and photos give you back those moments.  In the end, we're all just stories. With photographs, you become immortal, and those after you get to cherish your legacy.  When your children & grandchildren dust off your wedding album 50 years from now as they plan their own weddings, I want them to be able to feel the magic of your wedding day.  A glance from across the room, a tear being wiped, laughter joy, pure bliss ...all of it.  Your day is more than the details. It's the beautiful moments in between.

Photographer. Globetrotter. Lover Of Light and Love Stories.

I'm kaleigh

"Kaleigh truly loves what she does, and she goes above and beyond for her clients!"

-jenna & Brad

"When showing my wedding photos to people, I actually had a friend who asked me why I was showing her a magazine photo. I had to tell her those were my wedding photos! Kaleigh is seriously that good!"

-stephanie & chris

"From calming my nerves during the whole planning process to taking out my veil when it was stuck, she was always there to the rescue. Our mid-May outside wedding, was a lovely 45 degrees and rainy. Many arrangements needed changed but Kaleigh kept me calm through it all."

-Kirstie & Steven

"Kaleigh is AMAZING!!!! I love my wedding pictures and I love my engagement pictures. But perhaps even more importantly, I loved working with Kaleigh. She is such a sweetheart and professional"

-sarah & eric