January 12, 2016

Tip Tuesday | Should You Do A First Look? | Cincinnati Wedding Photographer

Yesterday, I shared a recap of the first looks from the 2015 wedding season, and thought this would be a great tip to talk about for Tip Tuesday.  I get asked a lot of questions when meeting with a bride and groom for the first time.  A wedding, after all, is a big, big day to plan for.  Getting it just right is super important to not only the couple, but as their photographer, it’s important to me as well! One question that I get asked almost every single time is, “Should we do a first look?”, and couple’s want to know exactly why I think they should or shouldn’t.  My answer is simple:  It’s your wedding day, so you should absolutely do whatever you’re most comfortable with! That doesn’t say much about the pros and cons either way, so I’m here to let you in on what it is exactly that I tell my couples!


First looks are fantastic and definitely on my list of things that I love during a wedding day.  Are they for everyone? No. And that’s ok.  What I do like about them though is that first looks are the only intimate way to see each other for the first time that day.  It’s just the two of you, and my camera and me.  That means you don’t have 200 of your closest friends and family staring back at you and you can make the moment what you want.  It gives you a chance to laugh, cry, and speak to each other, something you typically can’t do during the ceremony.  I’ve seen couple’s hold back emotions when seeing each other for the first time during the ceremony for fear of a straight ugly cry in front of everyone.  First looks give you the opportunity to ugly cry to your heart’s content.  Or perhaps just to tell the other how much you love them and just how stellar they look 🙂 The only time I really try to make a couple think about their decision is if we may be fighting for sunlight if they don’t choose a first look.








On the flip side of that, going the traditional route is 100% okay.  No one ever said you have to do your wedding a certain way just because it’s 2016 and it seems like everyone else is doing it.  They aren’t! Only about 60% of my couples choose to do a first look.  That means another 40% go it traditional and wait to see each other as the bride is coming down the aisle.  There’s something so pivotal about the crowd getting to their feet, the groom’s anticipation rising, and the bride coming through the door.  I get cold chills every single dang time.  I’ve also seen some pretty amazing reactions from couple’s this way, too.







Did I just make the decision harder on you? It’s a tough decision! In the end, it’s your big day, so do it how you’ve always imagined it, whatever that means to you! XO

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