One of my favorite things in the world to do is teach up and coming photographers the tips and tricks of the trade. When I first started out 9 years ago, I had a lot of help in this department. I took mentoring sessions, watched tutorials, studied my butt off, and practiced, practiced, practiced.

Part of being an artist is the continual need to grow and learn, and I still make a point to attend conferences and take mentoring sessions (whether online or in person) to ensure I'm doing everything I can to provide the very best of myself to my past, present, and future clients.

customized mentoring for


I'm also a firm believer in practicing community over competition. There are a lot of photographers out there, but more than enough clients to go around. Why not create a loving community where we can grow together?

I love getting to offer one-on-one, customized education to photographers! I base my lesson to you around your needs. I will send you a short little questionnaire prior to our session together to determine your skill level, your concerns, and anything else you think I should know in order to make your learning experience exactly what you need. From there, we will either meet in person, or via Google Hangout/Skype, and dive right in!

common things discussed are:

mentoring session details

Camera basics (aperature, shutter speed, ISO, exposure, white balance, etc.)

Posing, Lighting, & Additional Artistic Workflow

Post processing & Professional Workflow

Client Experience and Interaction

Branding & Marketing

Social Media Strategies 

how to

I offer three different types of sessions:

1 HOUR ONLINE session ($200)


5 hour in-person session, including live photoshoot and headshots ($925)


mentoring session

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