April 6, 2017

Whitlee & Brad – Taft Museum of Art Engagement – Cincinnati Wedding Photographer

So excited to have finally gotten this couple in front of my camera! I’ve been chatting back and forth for months with Whitlee about their May wedding, as she and Brad live in Chicago and an in-person meeting was a little more difficult. They happily braved the chilly weather with me at their engagement session shot and I couldn’t have been more happy!! With their wedding creeping up on us, this session was a long time coming, and I haven’t laughed so much at a session in a long time!

Whitlee and Brad had their first date all the way back in 2012 at the Red’s opening night, and when Brad decided to propose, he took Whitlee back to where it all started and the whole family went on a tour of the Red’s stadium. Brad dropped down on one knee at home plate at the end of the tour and the rest, as they say, is history! These two are simply made for each other and I can’t wait until their big day! XO

TaftMuseumofArtEngagementCincinnatiWeddingPhotographerKaleighTurnerPhotographyWhitlee&Brad-1.jpg TaftMuseumofArtEngagementCincinnatiWeddingPhotographerKaleighTurnerPhotographyWhitlee&Brad-3.jpg TaftMuseumofArtEngagementCincinnatiWeddingPhotographerKaleighTurnerPhotographyWhitlee&Brad-8.jpg TaftMuseumofArtEngagementCincinnatiWeddingPhotographerKaleighTurnerPhotographyWhitlee&Brad-5.jpg TaftMuseumofArtEngagementCincinnatiWeddingPhotographerKaleighTurnerPhotographyWhitlee&Brad-4.jpg TaftMuseumofArtEngagementCincinnatiWeddingPhotographerKaleighTurnerPhotographyWhitlee&Brad-9.jpg TaftMuseumofArtEngagementCincinnatiWeddingPhotographerKaleighTurnerPhotographyWhitlee&Brad-10.jpg TaftMuseumofArtEngagementCincinnatiWeddingPhotographerKaleighTurnerPhotographyWhitlee&Brad-12.jpg TaftMuseumofArtEngagementCincinnatiWeddingPhotographerKaleighTurnerPhotographyWhitlee&Brad-15.jpg TaftMuseumofArtEngagementCincinnatiWeddingPhotographerKaleighTurnerPhotographyWhitlee&Brad-11.jpg

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